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Great Fort of Rohtas

LAHORE – ROHTAS FORT.                (Aprox 3-4 hrs Drive)

  • Morning departure forRohtas Fort; about 10 km. from Deena lies the great fort of Rohtas. It is one of the most imposing historical monuments which represents the Pathan period of architecture style in Pakistan. The fort is the symbol of strength and determination of its builder Sher Shah Suri who ruled over India only for six years, 1540-45 A.D., but even during that short period he created many splendours including Rohtas fort and the Great Grand Trunk Road, connecting Kabul with Calcutta.
  • Arrive at Rohtas Fort & visit in side Rohtas Fort.
  • Lunch at Rohtas.
  • Later departure for Lahore.

“End of the tour”