At least 23 people are canada goose clearance sale dead in Lee County, Alabama, in the deadliest tornado since Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013. The tornado was at least a half mile wide when it touched down in Lee County. It tore through everything in its path reducing homes and businesses to rubble.

Had to book ANOTHER test, thankfully I wasn charged for this one since it was their lorry that broke down. Passed it with just 3 minors. The 2 retests made up some of that 7 months cause I had to wait for available training days and test days.. You cannot out run the fork people!TheBlueBlaze 83 points submitted 13 days agoWe live in an age where if you want to find a picture of anything scenic, famous, or historic, you can just look it Canada Goose Jackets up online and see canada goose outlet ottawa it in seconds. As little as 20 years canadian goose jacket ago, you either had to find a place that had a picture or go there yourself if you wanted to see it.Because of that, if you take a picture of just something (art piece, vista, famous person, etc.), it indistinguishable from the vast number of ones you can find online. So to make it unique, you take a picture canada goose jacket outlet of yourself with that thing, because you unique, at least in how you look, so cheap canada goose coats uk that makes the picture unique.Subconsciously, cheap canada goose alternative you thinking “If I just take canada goose outlet seattle a uk canada goose picture of this, nothing ties it back to me canada goose black friday reddit other than my memory of it.

Have an entire street dedicated to electric cars and chargers and watch how slowly but surely the rest of canada goose outlet parka the city changes. In Sydney, we’re still trying to construct a light rail project that was scheduled canada goose canada goose black friday sale parka outlet uk to finish a couple of years ago so don’t expect it here anytime soon. But hopefully, one day.

“Democrats were quick to pounce on Schultz’s remark and come to Harris’ defense, but her comments canada goose mens uk sale at the CNN town hall also exposed potential perils. “This is a classic case of the bumper sticker preceding the policy paper, ” says Elaine Kamarck, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “Most Americans worry about the overall health care system but they love their private insurance.

It way easier for me to only boil water in my pot and never have to worry about clean up. I prefer stopping, boiling water, tossing in bag, waiting 10min, then just throwing the back back in my pack and moving on vs cleaning, but /u/eddyJroth you can do this as well, that way you can always reuse your baggies since you are cooking in your pot. It really boils down (haha, get it?) to what you feel like doing out there on trail.Harris7123 5 points submitted 18 days agoIf you’re looking for a start into more older horror movies without putting a crazy amount of time into watching a bunch, there’s a YouTube channel called “Dead Meat” that does kill counts.It gives movie summaries complete with clips, and the commentary can be pretty funny.

Segundo, no todos esos pases tienen sistemas pblicos como lo entendemos en Espaa. Y tercero, faltan pases para una comparativa honesta.Por otro lado, muchos de los problemas asociados a la esperanza de vida estn relacionados con los hbitos de vida, no con el sistema sanitario. Por poner un ejemplo faciln y que entender todo el mundo, en EEUU la mayor parte de la gente se desplaza en coche a todos sitios, mientras que en Europa caminamos con mucha ms frecuencia.Estos hbitos, simples pero repetitivos, cheap canada goose tienen un impacto enorme en la canada goose uk black friday salud de la gente, sobre todo en gente mayor, donde los costes asistenciales se disparan.Otra cosa que hay que tener en cuenta es que las campaas/sistemas de prevencin tienen tambin un impacto considerable en cmo se desarrolla la estructura de costes del paciente a lo largo de su vida.

Yesterday I did the scariest thing I have done in my 30+ years. I stood in times square in a bikini and posed for a photo shoot. In the beginning I felt really overwhelmed. Some of the behavior and complaining I see is next level fuckery. There no excuse for it, and to add insult to injury, none of them realize how odious they sound, so they don canada goose clearance have the good sense to be mortified by their own behavior. It not enough that you pissing me off, I have to feel secondhand embarrassment for you too? Christ.Now that the floodgates are open, I going to let it all out.

As a Roy Out fan, while it nice to win canada goose outlet phone number it just a bit annoying that some use it as a reason to keep him (I saw some fans on twitter call for a contract extension fuck off!) when it was possibly the flukiest win of the season. Newcastle carve us open again and canada goose again and we score our one shot canada goose chateau parka black friday on target from a penalty, though there were maybe a couple of other chances if you like. They have to be trolling as there no way that game can be used as proof he can take us forward, we were rank for most of it and I still haven seen a good first half from us in months (maybe the Doncaster game?).