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bikini swimsuit DE has nothing to do with trading dog dildo, it a free market that purely driven by the players and the trading community.The only thing that DE can influence is how rare an item is, while that heavily impacts the prices on the market, there no set base price for anything dog dildo, as with everything in Warframe everything is left for the players to figure out on their own.DE didn put a 2K Plat price on a Riven mod and they weren the ones who sold it to you dog dildo dog dildo0, the players did, so who should compensate what?For that matter dog dildo, the monetary value of any plat is questionable dog dildo, since many players trade for it and never spend IRL money to get it. If you’re gonna make the time is money argument, remember that you’re not getting paid by DE to play in the first place. Claiming that the time investment to earn the plat to buy the riven is worth something more than whatever enjoyment you already got, is basically trying to renegotiate the deal to tell DE they owe you something for playing their free game bikini swimsuit.