When investors actually received what Louisiana was like, shared plummeted. Law narrowly avoided being lynched, escaping only by disguising himself as a beggar. He died in poverty nine years later.. We could have come here via comets too, and that would be equally plausible of Mars.know for sure that Mars was once extremely wet, with nearly half the planet covered in an ocean billions of years ago and with a stronger magnetic field and a much thicker atmosphere, and non poisonous dirt. We don know why it stopped, but we know that life on Earth has persisted through extraordinarily extreme conditions, and I don just mean tardigrades but more so microbial life. Mars is about 70 to about 10 degrees C on any given day depending on the season, distance from the Sun, and the weather.

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canada goose uk black friday The S threads were about a guy who worked as a search and rescue officer in a park and wrote about the weird things that happened in this particular forest (all made up). Like lost people being found perfectly okay but miles away from where they were last seen with no plausible way of getting there, other SAR officers and park goers going crazy, stairs appearing and disappearing randomly in the forest, experienced hikers getting lost/dying on very simple/easy trials, deaths with mysterious circumstances, etc. There were maybe 20 threads and they were super fun to read! they feel so realisticI mean the stuff happening is made up, but staircases in the middle of forests are actually a thing in my area (well a few hours north where we go to camp)They aren haunted or anything it just where a bunch of rich people moved out of the city and buolt retirement cabins in the 60s, most of the stairs were stone and when the economy busted they mostlt got left abandoned and ended up rottting or burning and leaving stone staircases and sometimes stone fireplaces sitting in the middle of the woods canada goose uk black friday.