/ Cherish RufusEmailTwitterPinterestFacebookI have an Instagram obsession with ahandbag. It’s an unashamedly 1990s style clear vinyltotewith a just short of loud pink pouch and handles. It takes only a few clicks to find its source: a new to meLos Angeles based label calledStaudthat was founded in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and her partner George Augusto, and has become something of a cult favourite..

canada goose uk black friday 126 points submitted 7 days agoRemember when we thought this https://www.canadagoosediscounts.com scandal was going to be covered in enough megathreads to compare to Harry Potter? It wasn even that long ago! At this rate, we going to have the megathreads outpace the Redwall series (22).All jokes aside, I know it been said multiple times before but I want to thank the mods for their diligency in maintaining these megathreads. I sure it not easy to keep up with, especially when everything first started out of the blue, but the mods have done a fantastic job.As an aside, has anyone else been feeling disillusioned with the industry lately? Finding out that there another chatroom with mostly unrelated people made me feel pretty distressed and got me thinking about how I don enjoy K Pop nearly as much anymore. I still listening to albums, but I don really seek out new Korean artists anymore and I don get nearly as involved in learning about group members anymore so there isn really a “personal” connection. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Parka Strictly average. No hate towards the man especially with the shit he’s dealing with. No one should have to go through this level of bullshit. +1 for Umod. It has many features but jumping is the main one I have used it. The jump (by default) is more like a little hop, you can get over large tree trunks but it stops you from getting stuck on silly things like those ice flow chunks at the edges of rivers and lakes that you need to work around. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale Sounds like the pair of you can sort out the settlement like adults, which is good, but still you should probably get something signed. Divorces (from what I have seen of them though have cheap canada goose never been through one) are emotionally charged and you could find that your ex suddenly becomes very disagreeable over the settlement. You dont have to do what some do and argue via their lawyers, just tell them what you doing and if you are still on good terms it should just be a formality.It will protect either of you from being liable for each others debts years from now or if, for example one of you won lotto, the other person having a claim to it.If everything is amicable you could both find lawyers who practice Collaborative Law. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose uk outlet We know the facts, well enough: That he was the son of a fabric dyer, that he may have briefly worked in Titian’s shop (and may have been quickly dismissed from it), that he probably learned his craft painting quickly on furniture (a fine panel from a wooden chest is on view), that he probably learned to paint fast and big working on early fresco projects, and that he was not the sort of artist to say no to a commission, or to let a coveted job project fall into his competitors’ hands. He raised his children to be painters, and there are works on view in both the painting and drawing exhibitions that show his son Domenico to be a competent if not always inspired artist. And he worked passionately throughout his life and into his final years, including (with Domenico) on an awe inspiring image of Paradise that is more than 72 feet wide (mounted in the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, and represented in this exhibition by a smaller modello borrowed from the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid) canada goose uk outlet.